PolyByDesign takes every opportunity to make introductions to Polynesians we see in the course of our normal day and we like to then introduce them to the Pacific Islander community through social media and our website.

MEET: Darien Masoli. Darien is 15 years old and a freshman at Clayton Valley Charter High School. He plays mid-field on the boys JV LaCrosse team. Darien not only hits the books hard with a 3.5 GPA he is a very well rounded young Polynesian with skills on the Ukelele, and a practitioner in the martial art of Renshi Ryu who performed at halftime of a Golden State Warriors game, the Pittsburg Seafood festival, the Pittsburg multi-cultural day and Christmas Day parade. Darien also LOVES HIS MOMMA!! #PositivePolyVibe #3PO — with Sofia Masoli.

Meet: Leiana Cassidy pictured here with her Mother & Grandmother. Leiana is from Northern California and is 16 years old. She is with her travel volleyball team “650 XTreme Team” in Reno leading them to go undefeated in pool play on Saturday (April 29th). She is a sophomore at Hillsdale High School and a member of our Generation of the Future. #ThreeGenerations#PositivePolyVibe #3PO

Meet: Jr. & Nancy Fiame – owners of Bay Area Bin Support. Jr. started his company in 2015. While working for a waste management company Jr.’s entrepreneurial mind recognized a niche that he could create a company within that would better serve the public and be more cost efficient for everyone. Jr approached the most important person in his life, Nancy, and gained 100% support on the home front. Jr aligned his wife’s support, his vision and dream and superior work ethic with a strong business mind and the new business flourished. Being recognized by forward visionary minded publications such as east bay magazines as young entrepreneurs demonstrates their achievement. Jr and Nancy are the example to all generations of Polynesians that a vision, powerful belief, and hard work can turn dreams into reality. PolyByDesign congratulates the Fiame family. Follow them @Bay Area Bin Support. #PositivePolyVibe #3PO

Meet:  Daly City’s finest!  Officers Poti, Tualaulelei, Mulituapele, Moala and Pati. Daly City Police Officers of Polynesian descent were present at the Jefferson Unified School District Board Meeting on Tuesday, April 4th.  Their presence of law enforcement was not a show of force by the city or the school board, rather the officer’s attendance was of their own accord and in support of the Polynesian community’s concern over strained relations with the School Board.  Thank you for your service and for being Positive Polynesian role models.  #PositivePolyVibe #3PO

Meet:  Siosiana Taumoepeau (16) pictured here with her Dad.  She plays club volleyball for Xceleration (Concord, CA).  Today she played her heart out to help her team make the Gold Division.  Her Father walked over and introduced himself to us and his wife, Anita (camera shy).  I love that our Polynesian people acknowledge each other even if we’ve never met.  They are Tongan and I am Samoan. The connection that Polynesian people have makes me proud that we enjoy & celebrate one another purely because we are Polynesian.   No other culture does this.  None.

Meet:  Positive Poly role model showing us again what hard work & love for the art of music will take you.  Mack Moli a.k.a. Mack Moli is co-founder and owner of Infamouz Battles.  Together with his business partner Virgil, host hip hop events throughout the Bay Area that feature performances, cyphers, rap battles and more. Their rap battle league has been operating in the Bay Area for over 4 years and is always looking for new talent.  Check them out on their YouTube channel at for videos and more.  #PolyVibe #3PO

Meet: Tayler Vaita. Tayler is the youngest girl on her 16U “Tropical Touch” travel volleyball team (she’s 13). I had the pleasure of meeting Tayler and her beautiful mom in San Jose at a tournament. Tayler moved to San Jose from Tafuna, American Samoa last May. The tournament had quite a few Poly girls and it was moving to see the support that the Polys gave each other, even when they didn’t know the girls they were cheering for. #PositivePolyVibe #3PO

Meet:  My daughter’s volleyball tournament this past weekend I was  watching her play when I saw two Poly girls walking by the match.  I saw them look at my daughter (who is the only Poly girl on the team) and my attention went back and forth between the match and the two Polynesian girls who stopped to watch “some Poly girl they had never met” play.  I watched them cheer for “the Poly girl they had never met”.  Finally I went down to them to introduce myself.  They are Toaiva Iosefa (left) and Atalina Pritchard (right) from San Jose.  Sixteen year olds who were there with their team, Tropical Touch.  They were walking by a game and saw another Poly girl playing and sat down to watch and cheer her on.  I love that as Polynesian people we acknowledge & support one another even though we’ve never met.  I asked my brother later “Who does that?!” OUR people do that, that’s who.  #PolyVibe #LoveOurCulture #3PO