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Welcome to PolyByDesign (PBD).  We are a company that focuses on identifying positive role models and publicizing them and their journey.  These role models are from all walks of life and it is important to demonstrate success and inspiration.

Too often in today’s media the negativity or shortcomings of people are focused on.  Social Media can be a great tool to highlight empowering journeys and moments that people have or it can be used to cynically point out negative events or actions.  PBD focuses on the positivity that is abundant in the Polynesian community.

You will find positive message memes that can be humorous, spiritual, familial or community based but they are positive in nature.  You will find interviews of Polynesian role models.  Not only do these role models deserve to have their positivity put in the spotlight, the community needs to have the successes shared and uplifted.

Chasing passion and positivity is not something to be directed solely at the new generation.  Polynesian people of all ages need to find and follow their hearts.  In the end PBD hopes to uplift the spirits of all generations and create a more traveled pathway by which positive role models are connected to other Pacific Islanders that can benefit from new relationships.





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